Toddlers 2 -4 years

Your children's day consists of a family type breakfast proceeded by our daily exercise routine, pre-school circle time curriculum, our brand new 15 minute group stations consisting of costumes, reading, computers, coloring, puzzles, building blocks, play-doh, with new stations added daily.  Outdoor activities on our playground and 2 snacks and Lunch served daily.

At Memory Lane Daycare our main concern is SAFETY 1st.  Our concern is that you as a parent can leave your child in a protected environment while doing your job or activity you are involved with without a worry.  Our family opened up as a home daycare in 2010 and now a center.  We treat your child as one of our own, although we have a full day of fun we strive to instill manors, respect and core family values.

your Child's Day


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Infants 6 weeks - 2 years

Our infants are nurtured and cared for in the most loving way from the moment they are dropped off up until Mommy and Daddy pick up.  Our staff strives to max out their day with tummy time, walkers, jumpers, music, stories, swings, afternoon walks and cuddle time.